Gas masks

Several types of gas masks (GP5, PBF, S6, S10 etc.).

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€ 4,95

60 to 40 mm gas mask adapter. 

€ 12,95

GP5 gas mask. Black. 0y (XS) - 4y (XL)

€ 33,95

GP5 gas mask set with gas mask hose (MF connector) and rebreather bag.

€ 27,95

GP5 gas mask + open face hood. Grey or black GP5 gas masK.

€ 24,95

GP5 rebreathing gas mask. Black. Szie XS (oy) - XL (4y).

€ 24,95

Connector for gas mask and medical devices. Male gas mask ending and 2x medical endings. OD 22 mm.

€ 24,95

Hook connector for gas mask or gas mask hose to anesthesia mask or medical breathing hose. With air plug. Male - medical.

€ 15,95

Belgian M51 gas mask. 

€ 19,95

PBF gas mask. Black. Sizes: 0Y (small) - 3Y (xlarge).

€ 39,95

PBF gas mask set with two hoses.

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