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Face masks, gas masks, hoods.

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€ 16,49 40ABS Special re-breather bag for breathplay purposes. With air flow controller. Black rubber. Volumes: 3-4-5-6 liter.

€ 20,64

Anesthesia mask with binding straps. 3 sizes and 2 colors.

€ 35,50

Anesthesia mask rebreathing set 2B. Anesthesia mask with re-breather bag. Mask and bag in black.

€ 37,98

Anesthesia mask rebreathing set 2G. Anesthesia mask with re-breather bag. Mask and bag in medical green.

€ 57,81

Anesthesia mask rebreathing set 3. Anesthesia mask with re-breather bag and air flow controller, air hose and straps.

€ 74,34

Anesthesia mask rebreathing set 4. Anesthesia mask with straps, hose and ambu bag.

€ 41,28

Anesthesia mask rebreathing set. Anesthesia mask with straps and special gas mask hose connector. Detachable.

€ 57,81

Anesthesia mask set for irrigation practices.

€ 107,40

Anesthesia mask set for inhalant practices.

€ 37,15

Breathplay re-breather bag with 105 cm long hose. Male fitting. Black bag.

€ 28,88

Breathplay re-breather bag with gas mask hose. Male fitting. Black bag.

€ 3,30

Plastic cap end. Diameter (IxOxL): 22x24x26 mm.

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