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Exposure to heat, sunlight or moisture will eventually weaken and discolour rubber. It is therefore essential, when not needed, to store your rubber (sheeting, clothes, toys etc.)  in a dark, cool and  dry place.

Never use oil-based lubricants. This will weaken rubber and reduce the life time of it. If you care for your rubber use water- or silicone based lubricant instead

When you like a nice shiny look. You can make a good shine with Rubberfun Rubber Shiner, wiped on lightly with a lint- free cloth.



Most of our rubber products and all our latex clothing are made from natural latex rubber, which is a found all around us in thousands of every day products and healthcare items. However, the natural proteins found in latex can cause some people to have an allergic reaction.

When you experience any itching, redness or swelling upon contact, remove immediately the material and consult your doctor or physician. Also when you have any doubts about latex or rubber contact.