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Great collection of fetish magazines, from vintage to new. 2nd hand.

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Great collection of fetish magazines, from vintage to new. Many titles. ALL ONE OFFS! Once sold, it does not come back. SOLD = SOLD.

Check the list below for available titles. Also if there are any remarks. And what it is most important: if it is still available! The number on the left is corresponding to the number of the image.

Prices starting from as low as EUR 5.00

To order simply choose the NUMBER to get one for your own.

This is an opportunity to complete your collection!



AVAILABLE TITLES (status October-2-2018): 

01Atomage #22J. Sutcliffe1979AA5MSOLD
02Atomage #29J. Sutcliffe1980AA5MSOLD
03Atomage supplement #7J. Sutcliffe1978AA5MSOLD
04Atomage supplement #14J. Sutcliffe1979AA5MSOLD
05Atomage supplement #15J. Sutcliffe1980AA5146MSOLD
06Atomage supplement #16J. Sutcliffe1980AA5MSOLD
06AAtomage supplement #17J. Sutcliffe1980AA5MSOLD
07Atomage supplement #18J. Sutcliffe1980AA5MSOLD
07AAtomage supplement #19J. Sutcliffe1980AA5MSOLD
08BIZARRE no. 2AA5M€ 7.50
09BIZARRE no. 4AA5M€ 7.50
10BIZARRE no. 5AA5M€ 7.50
11BIZARRE no. 6AA5M€ 7.50
12BIZARRE no. 7AA5M€ 7.50
13BIZARRE no. 8AA5M€ 7.50
14BIZARRE no. 9AA5M€ 7.50
15BIZARRE no. 10AA5M€ 7.50
16Club Caprice, nr. 10Kastley Vertrieb1975AA552MSOLD
17Das Paar mit den MaskenClaude LenoirAA4BSOLD
18DFP & Rubberist, issue #6G&M Fashions ltdAA4M€ 7.50 
19Fetish Images, photobookMarquis1995AA4B€ 7.50
20Girls tied up in leather and rubberNutrix corp1960AA4S€ 10.00
21Heavy Rubber, no. 4Peter W. Czernich1999AA5M€ 7.50
22GUM 146KK Lange Verlag1995AA546M€ 7.50
23House of Rubber 1Exim Trading1973AA5MSOLD
24House of Rubber 2Exim Trading1973A-A5MSOLD
25House of Rubber 3Exim Trading1975A-A5MSOLD
26House of Rubber 4Exim Trading1975A-A4M€ 15.00
27Kinky, issue #1G&M Fashions ltdAA4M€ 5.00
28Marquis, no. 51995AA4144M€ 5.00
29Marquis, no. 61996AA4144M€ 5.00
30Marquis, no. 71997AA4144M€ 5.00
31Marquis, no. 111998BA4144M€ 5.00
32Marquis, no. 141998AA4148M€ 5.00
33Marquis, no. 151999BA4148M€ 5.00
34Marquis, no. 171999BA4148M€ 5.00
35Marquis, no. 181999BA4148M€ 5.00
36Marquis, no. 192000AA4148M€ 5.00
37Marquis, no. 252002AA4148M€ 10.00
38Relate Handbook, rubber & leather editionSRA Publications1973BA5100M€ 15.00
39RUBBER SEX 1Color Climax Corp1974AA5MSOLD
40RUBBER SEX 2Color Climax Corp1974AA5M€ 15.00
41RUBBER SEX 3Color Climax Corp1974AA5M€ 15.00
42RUBBER SEX 4Color Climax Corp1975AA5MSOLD
43RUBBER SEX 5Color Climax Corp1975AA5M€ 15.00
44RUBBER SEX 7Color Climax Corp1976AA5MSOLD
45RUBBER SEX 8Color Climax Corp1976AA5MSOLD
46Rubbertime, issue #31999AA4M€ 5.00
47SHINY magazine, rubber special1990AA4M€ 15.00
48Skin Two, #37, Graphic Sex2001AA4116M€ 5.00
49Skin Two, #40, The Perv Perspective2002AA4116M€ 5.00
50Skin Two, #42, Rubber Ball2003AA4116M€ 5.00
51Spanking RitualTopsy ForlagetBA5M€ 5.00
52Spanking Ritual 2Topsy ForlagetBA5M€ 5.00
53Spanking Ritual 4Topsy ForlagetAA5M€ 5.00
54Stern dominant women bind man in female attireA-A6B€ 10.00
55The Bondage ClubNutrix Corp1964A-A6B€ 10.00
56Union, Les fetichistes du caoutchouc1975AA5M€ 5.00
57BIZARRE no. 11AA5M€ 7.50
58BIZARRE no. 12AA5M€ 7.50
59BIZARRE no. 13AA5M€ 7.50
60BIZARRE no. 17AA5M€ 7.50
61BIZARRE no. 18AA5M€ 7.50
62BIZARRE no. 19AA5M€ 7.50
63BIZARRE no. 20AA5M€ 7.50
65BIZARRE ZOFE, teil 2Viola-press1983AA5M€ 7.50
66BIZARRO-FICKViola-press1984AA5M€ 7.50
67Bondage & Domination Collection 2013, lesbian sex stories2013AA5M€ 10.00
68Clinical & Rubber #31Masters Medien2002AA5M€ 10.00
69David Boy no.213Massad2011AA5M€ 2.50
70Die Herrin und ihr SklaveOrion1990AA6M€ 7.50
71DOMA #93Doma1994AA5M€ 2.50
72Domina & Bizarr-Führer no.48Werbeverlag1989AA5M€ 5.00
73Ekstase in LederVerlag SUB-Edition1976AA5M€ 5.00
74Girls tied up in leather and rubberNutrix Co.1960AA6M€ 7.50
75KÄFIG DOMINAViola-pressAA5M€ 10.00
76MASSAD no.176 + #204 + #249 SPI - Massad1999AA5M3 mags€ 5.00
77MASSAD catalogSPI - Massad1990AA5M€ 2.50
78PERVERSIE no.25AA5M€ 10.00
79Plan K, latex et bottes no.18Mecs en caoutchouc2000AA5M€ 2.50
80PUSSY CAT special no.3AA5M€ 10.00
81ROSIE BIZARRE no.21991AA5M€ 10.00
83Schlagzeilen nr. 471999AA5M€ 10.00
84SadoMaso Domina-Führer no.422001AA5M€ 10.00
85SATANSSEKS no.431981AA5M€ 10.00
86Slave Girl #801995AA5M€ 10.00
87SublieM no.21995AA5M€ 2.50
88SublieM no.51995AA5M€ 2.50
89SublieM no.181999AA5M€ 2.50
90GUM no. 184AA5M€ 5.00
91GUM no. 186AA5M€ 5.00
92GUM no. 192AA5M€ 5.00
93Satana no.23AA5M€ 10.00
94David Boy no.246AA5M€ 2.50
95David Boy no.248AA5M€ 2.50
96Bound for Pleasure #3AA4M€ 5.00
97DFP & Rubberist #4AA4M€ 7.50
98DFP & Rubberist #7AA4M€ 7.50
99DFP & Rubberist #12AA4M€ 7.50
100Extreme - #1 - launch issueAA5M€ 5.00

Q = quality, S = size, P = number of pages, T = type (B = book/booklet, M = magazine).

LAST UPDATE: October-3-2018


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SALE - Fetish magazines - new, vintage, 2nd hand

SALE - Fetish magazines - new, vintage, 2nd hand

Great collection of fetish magazines, from vintage to new. 2nd hand.

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