Hot Water Bottles

Hot water bottles in several colors, textures and capacity.

There are 8 products.
€ 7,95 02HB Hot water bottle. Rubber. Black. Available sizes: 2 liter (2L) and 3 liter (3L).

€ 8,95 02HU Hot water bottle. U-shape neck warmer. Red

€ 9,95 02HO3 Hot water bottle. Rubber. Orange clinical red orange colour. 3L.

€ 4,99 02HR Hot water bottle. Rubber. Red crimson. 2L.

€ 7,95 02HD Hot water bottle. Rubber. Hospital red. DDR. 2L.

€ 75,00 02X Supersized Hot water bottle. Red rubber. Collectors item.

€ 2,99 02SH Adapter for hot water bottle enema bag.

€ 1,99 02S Stopper for standard HWB.

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