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These FAQs were last updated on December-21-2023.


1. webshop

- ordering

- processing time

- can I pay with a credit card or cash?


- Do you deliver to my country

- How much are the shipping costs

- How long will it tase for the order to arrive?

- Do you have a physical shop?

- Can you send me a free sample of a product?

- is RUBBERFUN the name of the company?

2. rubber

- rubber types

- latex allergy

- chlorination

- care and treatment of latex / rubber

3. useful sources





  1. Browse the different product categories and check for the products. There are two main sections: (1) standard and (2) one offs. The first comes with a broad range of rubber products and in a variety of options. The second one is our collections department with unique items and once sold won’t come back.
  2. If you see anything you like, click "see details". And select if you want it.
  3. You'll notice the shopping cart on the top right of the page contains your selected products. Press "view cart" to see your order. Press "Check out" to finish your order.
  4. Provide your details, choose your shipping and payment method.
  5. Check your details, and press "Confirm and Pay". You order is final and all that is left to do is pay.
  6. You will receive an email with your order details.

Processing time

We need up to 5 working days to process standard products. Sometimes there is more time involved, especially for our bedding range and gas mask specialties. The product page will tell you more specific.

Can I pay with a credit card or cash?

You can pay easy and safe with one of our two payment options: (1) PayPal and (2) Bank Wire. PayPal accepts all major credit cards and offers you also buyer protection. If you are a EU citizen we would welcome payments with Bank Wire. It helps us keeping the costs low – PayPal fees are 5-8% - and thus product prices. We also accept cash payments (US dollar, Euro, CHF and GB pound only); sending to us is at buyer’s risk.


We are a company based in Holland. This means we have to charge 21% VAT for customers within the European Union. If your billing and shipping address is not within the European Union, you will not pay any VAT.

Do you deliver to my country?

We ship worldwide. When you go to your shopping cart and select your country you will see what the shipping costs are. The shipping costs also vary with the carrier and service chosen.

How much are the shipping costs?

Shipping fees vary according to total weight of the shipment, destination, service and delivery option chosen. And we add a small amount for packing. If you go to your shopping cart and select your country, the shipping costs will be displayed automatically.

How long will it take for the order to arrive?

This depends on the destination. We ship all our products from Holland. Normally, within Europe, your package will arrive within a week after receiving your payment and processing your order.

A rough indication in working days:

- Netherlands / Belgium     1-2

- Croatia                                 4-5

- Denmark                              2-3

- Estonia                                 3-4

- France                                  2-3

- Germany                               2

- Greece                                  8-10

- Hungary                               2-3

- Italy                                      3-5

- Norway                                4-6

- Poland                                  2-4

- Spain                                    2-3

- Sweden                                2-4

- Switzerland                        3-4

- United Kingdom (*)           2-3

- USA & Canada                    4-8

- South America                   6-12

- South Africa                       6-8

- Australia / New Zealand  5-10

- Japan                                    4-8


(*) customs time to be added


Do you have a physical shop?

Not really. We have a warehouse just north of Utrecht (Maarsseveen) which you can visit. By appointment only. Here you can browse through and taste all our rubber products. And you can buy them too of course. We’ll give you the details when you ask.

Can you send me a free sample of a product?

We send samples of our rubber sheeting only. You can order these as a regular product.

Is Rubberfun the name of the company?

No, is the name of the website only. The company you buy the products from is LRG Utrecht. The company is a trade company based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. For all details, please visit our contact page.



Rubber types

There is a wide variety of rubber types, both natural and artificial/industrial. Well-known of course are latex, natural rubber and for instance EPDM and butyl rubber. Many also know Spandex and its upcoming modern version Datex. The name rubber dates from the 18th century and is derived from rubbing: the ability of caoutchouc to remove pencil marks.


Latex is a soft and elastic. It comes (almost) directly from gum trees, so you might say it is vegan (…). It is very suitable for tight-fitting (and also loose fitting) clothing. Latex can tear quite easily if it is pulled or snagged on something. It must be treated with some care. And it doesn’t like to stay for long in sunlight. Also grease and fat are not friends of latex. Our advice: clean – hand wash with soft soap or special latex cleaner - it after usage and add some plain talcum powder – yes still the old proper stuff for your latex garments and toys -and store it in the dark.


A new type on the market. In fact, it is latex on a thin layer of elastic fabric. Good for people who want to show themselves in latex but do not really like latex on their bare skin.

Mackintosh rubber

Rubberized cotton. Cotton inside and rubber outside. Real rubber, sturdy and smooth. Good for bedding, aprons and so. Very popular as bed protection in the 50ties and 60ties of the last century. Nowadays cotton is often replaced by a synthetic fibre. In bed mackintosh rubber is not as sticky as latex can be. It is skin friendly. Hand wash only, powder after washing. And store it in the dark.

Velvet rubber

Soft rubber with a velvety texture. Hand wash only. Needs to be powdered occasionally.

Natural rubber

Natural rubber, Hevea rubber and Para rubber: it all means the same: genuine rubber coming from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree.

EPDM Industrial rubber

EPDM or “Ethyleen-Propyleen-Dieen-Monomeer” is a synthetic rubber which is elastic and very durable. It knows a wide variety of applications, amongst them pond liner. It can also be a terrific playground when you like it wet.

Butyl rubber

Rubber is a very good general-purpose rubber for many applications. Due to its permeability to air it is used for tire tubes and tubeless tire inner liner. It is a distinctive odour and you can use it for some good bondage as well.

Latex allergy

Most of our rubber products and all our latex clothing are made from natural latex rubber, which is found all around us in thousands of every day products and healthcare items. However, the natural proteins found in latex can cause some people to have an allergic reaction.

When you experience any itching, redness or swelling upon contact, remove immediately the material and consult your doctor or physician. Also, when you have any doubts about latex or rubber contact.


By chlorinating latex, the latex becomes soft and smooth. You no longer need to use talcum powder or lubricant to pull it on.

Treatment of latex

Although it is one of the most desirable materials in the world it has also a few challenges you need to keep in mind. Exposure to heat, sunlight or moisture will eventually weaken and discolour rubber. It is therefore essential, when not needed, to store your rubber (sheeting, clothes, toys etc.) in a dark, cool and dry place.

Never use oil-based lubricants. Avoid contact with perfumes, grease, body sprays alike. This will weaken rubber and reduce the life time of it. If you care for your rubber use water- or silicone-based lubricant instead.


Wash your latex in luke warm soapy water and rinse it thoroughly. Don’t keep it too long in water as it will loose its shininess. Turn it inside out to dry. When ready talc the inside and once again turn it. Store it in a dry, dark place.

Make it shine babe

When you like a nice shiny look. You can make a good shine with Rubberfun’s Rubber Shiner, wiped on lightly with a lint-free cloth.





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