Last week first tests on the desktop version of the new webshop have been successful. Incredible faster. The webshop should work well on desktop, handy and tablet. The focus is now on the latter two. When all the design work has been done, the real challenge will come: buying tests from my selected volunteers.


After a selection process I found a good and affordable webshop developer who has already started bringing Rubberfun to the next level. It involves upgrading the webshop software engine (Prestashop), tackling some severe problems, migrating to a new hosting provider and making a new design (based on my ideas).


A new year! Happy (rubbery) New Year everyone! This is our first news item on our Rubberfun webshop. I know; it is anti-dated because you could not see it on the old webshop and the new one came into existence March 2023. WHAT WILL BRING 2023? New products will come certainly (we always have plenty of ideas but it is the time who doesn’t like to cooperate). But the most important new development is: Rubberfun 2.0! A new webshop which will be much faster, make it easier to find products, inform you better, lacking the payment problems and shipping issues and of course it will keep the rubber fetish look and feel.