OBSCENE MESSE, KARSLRUHE GERMANY. From Wednessday evening April-10 till Monday April-15 we are away for the Obscene Messe - - in Karlsruhe. 


LONGER LEADTIME LATEX CLOTHING. Our business partner for latex clothing cannot guarantee the processing time of clothing orders due to longstanding labour shortage. For us this is unacceptable. We therefore decided to fully reverse all payments made for this purpose if the leading time is 3+ months. We will first inform the affected customers.


DARKLANDS, ANTWERP. From thursday February-29 till Monday March-4 we will be away for the Darklands Fair in Antwerp. We apologize for possible inconvenience.


We have updated our calendar (Events). See where you can meet Rubberfun in real on a fair or event.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope the world we live in will be better than last year. 


WEBSHOP DAMAGED. During our summer holiday the payment module of my webshop did not work. Soon after returning home it became clear that the module was made corrupt. No orders during more than 2 weeks. We managed to get a new payment module online the same day with help of a new developer. Once repaired however and although we blocked the former developer, we could not enter the back office, the administrative section of the webshop.  And that was just the beginning of a very bad dream: invoice template ruined, photos altered or removed, database changed in many places and also a ddos attack. figured out that the former web developer was the cause of this all. But why? He did not tell when asked. So we have to guess: the 3 stars instead of 5 stars we gave him for the job done. And there were very good reasons to give no more than that. He asked on several occasions more money but above all we did not get the responsive webshop we asked and agreed. We hired the developer via a professional freelance platform and hopefully we will see all paid costs back. 


Much longer than anticipated the new rubberfun webshop is online. A new webshop template plus migrating to another, much faster provider, testing et cetera meant much more work. But that is okay. Now waiting for the first orders


Last week first tests on the desktop version of the new webshop have been successful. Incredible faster. The webshop should work well on desktop, handy and tablet. The focus is now on the latter two. When all the design work has been done, the real challenge will come: buying tests from my selected volunteers.


After a selection process I found a good and affordable webshop developer who has already started bringing Rubberfun to the next level. It involves upgrading the webshop software engine (Prestashop), tackling some severe problems, migrating to a new hosting provider and making a new design (based on my ideas).


A new year! Happy (rubbery) New Year everyone! This is our first news item on our Rubberfun webshop. I know; it is anti-dated because you could not see it on the old webshop and the new one came into existence March 2023. WHAT WILL BRING 2023? New products will come certainly (we always have plenty of ideas but it is the time who doesn’t like to cooperate). But the most important new development is: Rubberfun 2.0! A new webshop which will be much faster, make it easier to find products, inform you better, lacking the payment problems and shipping issues and of course it will keep the rubber fetish look and feel.